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I turkey strives to bring you as much info and to promote turkey hunting. IF you have pictures of a youth who has shot a Turkey please send them to the site. I will post them on the front page for a time and then move them to a State Page. Please consider posting your Youth Photo's Here.

E-mail: Jim Dicken

Kentucky Youth Hunt 2006
 Pictures of Boys and Girls with their First Turkeys.


Blake Raisor and the turkey he took
Sat morning 4/1/06 during the Youth
hunt in Ky.. The turkey weighed 22 lbs
had a 10” beard, and 7/8” spurs. He
shot it with his father’s 12 ga. Shotgun. It was his first turkey hunting experience.

Congrats To Blake And Jordan!!

 This is a picture of Jordan Shepherd's first turkey.  The turkey was taken on the April 1, 2006, the opening day of the Ky.Youth turkey season.  The turkey weighed 22 pounds, its beard measured 9 1/2 inches, and sported 1" 1/4 spurs.  The turkey was taken with a 20 guage 870 youth model shotgun. 

Turkey Pictures - Submit your pictures of your trophy from any state to Turkeys should have a 3/4 inch spur and at least an 8" beard to be put in the Galleries. 

Benjamin Franklin thought so much of this bird and its qualities that he recommended it as the National Symbol. If they could smell you would never be able to shoot one!      

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RedHead Deluxe Hand-Tuned Turkey Box Calls

RedHead Deluxe Hand-Tuned Turkey Box Calls

One of the best performing turkey box calls just got better. These new Deluxe calls feature RedHead Pro Staffer Jerry Martin's proven design that allows two types of tones on each side of the call. Mahogany/Sycamore call loudly produces a medium rasp while the Walnut/Osage Orange call resonates a powerful high rasp - great for all species of turkey. Beautifully crafted, laser engraved wood ensures you'll treasure these calls for many years. Custom hand-tuned.

Primos Diamond Cut Series Diaphragm Turkey Calls

Primos Diamond Cut Series Diaphragm Turkey Calls

Unique diamond cut in the reeds adds a sensitive rasp with uncanny accuracy. Cutter features prophylactic and latex reeds; Yelper sports prophylactic reeds. Aluminum frames.

Knight & Hale Ultimate Slate Queen Friction Turkey Call

Knight & Hale Ultimate Slate Queen Friction Turkey Call

Utilizes a patented graphite cup design having dual resonating chambers to produce natural-sounding turkey calls that turkeys can't resist! Includes a purple heart wood striker and dual resonating chambers.

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Bill Rhineharts's Record Book Rio Grande Bird
Spring 2005 With Pictures

NWTF Certificate
Issued for Bill Rhinehart's Bird
Score - 2nd Place all time!! California
Weight - 3rd place California
Beard - 7th  California

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