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First Turkeys. From Across the United States. 2008 - 2009

 New York Youth Hunt 2008
Steven C. Austin Jr's Turkey 
 Steven's age : 13 yrs. 
Town killed : Troupsburg NY 

Shot : April,  26, 2008

Killed at 8:10 am
Weight : 20lbs

This bird was shot with a 12ga. Mossberg 500 during the Special Youth Hunt for kids ages 12 to 15. Steven and his grandfather was in the woods at 5:15 this morning. They almost gave up and came home early that morning because the turkey's were not vocal at all. The bird was killed here on Gramp's farm in Troupsburg.

First Turkey Pic  of 2011
Morgan Roberts Age (15). This is her first turkey. 23lbs, 10 inch beard and 1 inch spurs. It was taken Saturday morning with a 20 Guage Benelli
4/2/11 in Carroll County Kentucky.  Click on Pic for larger image.


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