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I Turkey Hunt

I Turkey Hunt is a website started by a simple wannabe Turkey Hunter.
I am mostly a fisherman. I own a major fishing website. I began to love Turkeys and hunting due to working with a fine staff at the Galyans Store in Louisville, Kentucky.  The store is now gone bought out.. but the people I worked with there were some of the best in the business. 

I also have the privilege of knowing Jim Strader a great hunting and fishing communicator here in Kentucky who has hunted with some of the best Turkey Hunters in the world. He has introduced me to many of these people at his Hunting and Fishing Expo, among them Harold Knight, one of the best Turkey guys around and one of the original owners of Knight and Hale Game Calls. The show is annually held the second weekend in February. Check out the next show

I hunt the hills of Bullit county Kentucky, and occasionally I will get an invite to hunt in other parts of the state. So far I have managed to kill TWO Turkeys in my life of 52 years. I got an excellent shot at a Monster Gobbler this year that had a beard that my spotter said went to the ground. Mr. Hagan.. thanks.. I blew the shot, but when it is only your second bird.. I guess you are allowed a few mistakes. is my way of giving back to the sport, and to learn about Turkeys. By searching the net, I hope to learn and to promote this sport, and at the same time to pay for my new "Addiction"...... and maybe afford to go after the Grand Slam some day.

If you are interested in having your business listed here, I dont really charge a fee, but I do love to hunt Turkeys, and trade will be accepted quite readily for advertising on this site. Of Course CASH is still king and pays the server bills. 

Billing and Trade will be based on the amount of traffic the site gets. I feel that a fee of one cent per page view of your ad is fair. That is $10.00 per thousand views of the site. That is well below industry standards.

You can contact me at:
Jim Dicken
931 Keswick Blvd.
Louisville, Ky. 40217


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