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  I Turkey Hunt is Proud to Promote these PREMIUM
  Game Calls made in my Home State of
Kentucky.   Jim Dicken
  Mark Nethery the owner is a determined hunter,
who shows the same passion  in making calls as using them.

I Turkey Hunt

Osceolla Outdoors - Osceola Outdoors Turkey Hunts are conducted in the south and central zones on eight different ranches. The ranches range in size from 1,000 acres to 4,500 acres. The terrain consists of improved pasture lands, oak hammocks and pine islands. All prime Osceola habitat! Osceola Outdoors along with ranch owners manage the game with selected harvest practices and supplemental feeding programs to insure large populations of Osceola turkeys. It is not an uncommon sight to have three or more long-beards come into your calling set-up.

Osceola Ranch - Florida Wild Turkey (aka Osceola), (meleagris gallopavo ) is the game. Named after a famous Seminole Indian Chief , Osceola, of the early 1800's.The unique bird is found only on the Florida peninsula and is a highly sought after subspecies of the wild turkey The Osceola is the smallest and one of the most challenging subspecies of turkey to hunt.A mature tom Osceola turkey will only weigh 16 - 18 pounds in his peak breeding state. You may notice that Osceolas have longer spurs and beards on average than the other subspecies. You will find the Osceola in the flat pine woods, oak and palmetto hammocks and swamp habitats of Florida. The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) only recognizes birds as Osceolas if they are taken south of a line drawn between Taylor and Dixie counties on the Gulf to a line running between Nassau and Duval counties on the Atlantic coast. Bow and arrow, muzzle loaders, shot guns are preferred.Wild Hog Hunting is an added bonus to a hunt with Osceola Ranch. Remember room and board is included!

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