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I Turkey Hunt
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To Have Your Call, Blind, Gun, Clothing, Vehicle or other gear Reviewed, 
Contact Jim Dicken. We will gladly write an article about your product.
Of course to do that I have to use it... which requires me to go hunting.
Gee I think I can deal with that. 

Turkey Calls 
Knight & Hale Raspy Tube Turkey Call
My Personal Favorite / Jim Dicken Editor ITurkeyHunt
Knight & Hale Screaming Hen II 2 Reed Diaphragm Turkey Call

Knight & Hale Widowmaker Tube Turkey Call

Pocket Puppy Mini Sla Tek (17585)
I called my First Turkey in with this great call. Easy to use.

Short Creek Outdoors
Custom Made Turkey Calls

Knight & Hale Glass Turkey Call Sanding Stone 

 Turkey Blinds
Flyway Specialties Blinds
One of my favorites
Ameristep 4 Spur Turkey Blind

Ameristep Jakehouse Turkey Hunting Blind  

Ameristep Doghouse Hunting Blind TSC

3-spur Turkey Blind

Hunter's View Trophy Den Hunting Blind

 Avery 12' Fast Break Ground Hunting Blind

Turkey Guns & Ammunition
Remington Shotguns
Benelli Shotguns
Guns For Sale -
 Hunters Direct offer discount prices on a huge selection of hunting supplies including firearms.

Remington Heavy Shot

Midway Ammunition
Federal Ammunition
Go to Federal for a Great Video on a new generation of Turkey Shot Shells

Hunting Clothes
 Hunters Direct offer discount prices on a huge selection of hunting supplies including firearms.

Turkey Decoys





Favorite Links 
Miller's Country Crafts
- Crafts for Hunters and Fishermen

Turkey Seasons 
Links Below go to Pages on NWTF.Org and contain links to each states Wildlife Department

Alabama Turkey Season Arkansas Turkey Season Arizona Turkey Season
California Turkey Season Colorado Turkey Season Delaware Turkey Season
Florida Turkey Season Georgia Turkey Season Hawaii Turkey Season
Idaho Turkey Season Illinois Turkey Season Indiana Turkey Season
Iowa Turkey Season Kansas Turkey Season Kentucky Turkey Season
Louisiana Turkey Season Maine Turkey Season Maryland Turkey Season
Massachusetts Turkey Season Michigan Turkey Season Minnesota Turkey Season
Mississippi Turkey Season Missouri Turkey Season Montana Turkey Season
Nebraska Turkey Season Nevada Turkey Season New Hampshire Turkey Season
New Jersey Turkey Season New Mexico Turkey Season New York Turkey Season
North Carolina Turkey Season North Dakota Turkey Season Ohio Turkey Season
Oklahoma Turkey Season  Oregon Turkey Season  Pennsylvania Turkey Season
Rhode Island Turkey Season  South Carolina Turkey Season South Dakota Turkey Season
Tennessee Turkey Season Texas Turkey Season Utah Turkey Season
Vermont Turkey Season Virginia Turkey Season Washington Turkey Season
West Virginia Turkey Season Wisconsin Turkey Season Wyoming Turkey Season


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