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See Article Below about Federal Mag Shok Shell Test.

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Federal Mag Shok Turkey Shell Test Firing-
I test fired 3 shells from Federal
The Mag Shok 3 inch Lead Shot #6
The Mag Shok 3.5 inch Lead Shot #6
The Mag Shok Heavyweight 3 inch #6

I also fired Heavy Shot #6 3 inch and
a standard Winchester 23/4 inch shell #7.5 shot

I was quite impressed by the results of this test. The new Flight control Wad really helps to place more pellets in the pattern circle. The results from this first test were achieved using ONLY a modified choke. I stepped off a 35 yard distance and used a shooting stik for better aim. I drew a 6.25 inch circle..(Approximate size) on the paper and shot each shell one time.
The Mag Shok Heavyweight had the tightest pattern observed for 3 inch shells, but the Mag Shok Lead in  3.5 inch placed the most pellets in the circle. The Heavy shot shell I tested was no where close to the Federal Shells in pattern.
I will test these again using a Turkey Choke and use 2 different distances.
Here are the shots from the current test..
The only negative for these shells is the KICK..These things are tough on the shoulder. A friend out in the field hunting while I made these test shots tells me they have a very distinct report.

(Test Conducted at Sugar Creek Hunting Preserve)

Here are pictures from the test to view a larger image click on the picture.

Jim Dicken


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